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Corona virus – Update on the current situation

The situation around the corona virus has worsened in recent weeks and remains very dynamic. Dealing with the virus not only affects private life, but also poses new challenges for the economy.
We also acted: In a daily meeting of the company management, we deal with the changing situation and take possible measures to minimize any possible infection with the virus and to ensure the ability to deliver for our customers and partners.
To avoid a loss of production and delivery bottlenecks, we are in constant coordination with our raw material suppliers. 
So far we have no significant consequences on our ability to deliver or the delivery of our products, so that there are no restrictions for the next 2-3 weeks.
In order to guarantee unrestricted accessibility to our business partners, parts of the workforce have been relocated to the home office, from where they can operate fully and are reachable. Our sales representatives are currently working out of the home office and will be happy to assist you at any time aside with advice and action. If there is no shutdown in your country, visits to your company and construction sites are also possible at your express request and can take place after consultation and in compliance with the current precautionary and hygienic measures.